Toddlers are at a very crucial stage where it is important for them to have enough nutrition. It will help to strengthen their bones and help them to grow. Toddlers will get proper nutrition through the preschool lunch box ideas. Working mothers do not anymore have to worry about what to make for the toddlers. They have the best ideas to make them eat nutritious food and help them to grow.

The use of crispy baked potatoes with olive oil and asparagus serve as preschool lunch box ideas for toddlers. They can be covered with aluminum foil to maintain their crispiness. It is healthy to include it in the diet as preschool lunch box ideas for toddlers.

The idea of natural jaggery with coconut balls and garlic bread is perfect for preschool lunch box ideas. The toddlers will get proper nutrition and like the taste of the lunch also.

Lunch box can also be prepared by giving them mashed rice with tossed asparagus,Useful And Natural Preschool Lunch Box Ideas For Toddlers Articles potatoes with tomatoes, onion and pumpkin cooked together into a thick sauce. It should be served with mashed rice. Mashed rice is different from regular rice as it is soft and has more water in it. It isĀ easy for the kids to digest. It is important to understand that easy foods that are not difficult to digest should be included in the preschool lunch. It is source of carbohydrates and the vegetables will provide the toddlers with iron, minerals and vitamins as preschool lunch ideas for toddlers.

The recipe for lunch can be prepared by soaking rice overnight. This should be made into thick paste. It should be boiled in milk and allowed to cook. It should be made into thicker consistency. Jaggery should be melted with water. It should be allowed to cool down. This should be added to the rice mixture. Nuts and fruits can be added to it. It is like a perfect porridge for preschool lunch ideas for toddlers.

It is essential to take some care while making this rice porridge. This includes taking care to not mix boiling rice mixture directly with the jaggery mixture. The milk will be curdled. Hence it should be allowed to settle down, preferably at room temperature. Then the mixture should be slowly added and continuously stirred. This will avoid the mixture from getting curdled. It is perfect option for the toddlers as it is easy on the stomach. It has carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Vitamin K is also provided to the toddlers. It is filled with calcium which is needed to make their bones strong. It has strengthening properties as preschool lunch box ideas for toddlers.