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Here is our collection for Cute Pregnancy Announcement Wording Ideas for All We’re Having a Baby Wordings Occasions:

You'll never guess what's
rolling our way...

A Baby!

We are proud to announce
we are expecting at the
end of ________ 20__

This announcement is to
let our family and friends
 know that…


After months of hard work
We’re happy to say….
We now have a baby
That’s on its way!!

We are letting you know we plan
On expanding our house two more feet

We’re Pregnant!!!

Our family is growing and so is our love,
We are expecting a bundle from above!
Nine long months we'll have to wait
Before her debut unless she's late!

We are so excited and happy as can be
Because we're expecting a baby to add to our

Star Light Star Bright
A new little baby to cuddle and love
To spoil just a little and think the world of,
A bundle from Heaven to simply adore,
Now who in the world could ask for more!

We've waited so long
for this special day
Finally, our baby is on the way!

Our family is growing and so is our love...
We're expecting a bundle from above!

You won’t believe what is rolling our way...
You won’t believe what we found out the other day...
We are proud to announce…
We’re Pregnant

We’re Pregnant

_______ and ________
are expected to have
their new addition
in May 20__

Nine long months we'll have to wait...
Before our baby comes unless it is late!

Twinkle, Twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are...
I hoped and prayed
It would happen some day
And oh I'm pregnant by the way!

You'll never guess what we just found out?
I can't wait; I want to scream it out!


We're expecting the stork
to drop by next June...
Who knows what it will be,
but we should know soon!

We are thrilled to announce
We have a baby on the way
Boy or Girl ?
We simply can't say
We'll have to wait
for our delivery day

Pregnancy Announcements Wording