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A baby boy/girl is on his/her way,
So let's celebrate before the big day!

We are tickled pink
and happy to say.
An adorable little boy/girl
is on the way!

Ten little fingers and
Ten little toes.
This time it's a little girl
made to use ribbons and bows!

They're expecting a baby, a new bundle of joy.
Please bring a special gift
either for a girl or a boy!

Baby Angel.
Welcome to this Earth.
The whole wide world
awaits your Birth!

Please joins us for a
Baby Shower honoring

Bottles and booties
Diapers and pins
This is where the love begins!

Bottles and booties n' bibs and more,
Let's shower the baby with gifts galore!

Heard the forecast!
A baby is predicted,
but first there will be a Shower!

A new little baby is on the way
so please reserve this special day!

Please join us as we celebrate
the upcoming arrival of ______'s new baby

Will it be pink or will it be blue?
If ______ and _____ only knew!!!
Please join us for a
Baby Shower in honor of

_____'s baby is on the way
Let's get her prepared for the big day
We'll shower her with gifts for the little one
Be sure not miss out on all the fun!

Be it a boy or a girl,
we simply can't say.
But let's shower the mommy
before the delivery day!

We are all excited and happy as can be
Because ____ and ____ will soon be three!

Tiny yawns and sleepy sighs,
Nursery rhymes and lullabies
Please joins us for a
Baby Shower honoring

One night of passion and what do you get?
A Baby Shower!

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