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When you welcome your new baby into the world, don't you want to share the news with everyone you know? That's a silly question, right? Of course, you want to let everyone know that you are the luckiest parents in the world to have been blessed by this new arrival. But how are you going to share the news? You could choose Birth-Cards for your unique baby photo stationery needs and choose our custom photo birth announcements as your way of telling everyone the fabulous news.

Why Choose Photo Baby Announcements - A photo is definitely one of those treasured possessions people hold onto. Because children grow so fast - something we at Birth Cards know all too well - you can't hold onto those special moments without photographs. And that's not just true for parents but all of the friends and family members' whose lives are touched by this new arrival to the family. With birth announcements, you'll be able to share this treasured, capture moment with all of the special people in your life. Imagine how happy the proud grandparents will be when they receive their birth announcements photo in the mail. Wouldn't you love to be there and see that expression? Nothing in the world could be more special.

Adding the Baby Photo & Other Tweaks - Creating photo baby cards is easier than you might have imagined. When you select one of our cards and head to the checkout, you'll be able to customize those cards in a number of ways before placing your order. One of the ways is adding a photo. Other ways include changing the ink color and adding your own special message. We have a patented preview feature on the site that will let you see the changes you've made but you won't be able to see what the photo looks like added in just yet. If you're happy with the other changes you've made with your announcements, you can complete your purchase.

Now in less than an hour, we'll send you a proof and this is where you'll see the announcements including the photo you have chosen. If you're happy with the way it looks, let us know and we'll start printing your order. The printing will be completed and the birth cards will be ready for shipping the same business day. Of course, if you're not thrilled with what you see in the proof of your announcement, we can go back to the drawing board and make changes until you are 100% satisfied. We don't want you to settle for anything less when it comes to your baby announcements.

Making the Right Choice in Photo Announcements - When you choose us, you're making the smart choice in personalized photo birth announcements and other baby-related baby stationery. We aren't like the competition that just wants to make money; we want to help you celebrate this special time in your life. Sure, we love being profitable so we can stay in business but our real joy comes from hearing from satisfied clients like you.

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